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CustoCentrix in 90 seconds

Discover how Custocentrix works and the exclusive principle of keeping personal data up to date.


Speed up in-store data collection

Discover how CustoCentrix allows you to collect faster:

  • your customers' complete personal data;
  • their email addresses and mobile numbers;
  • a record of their consents.

Understanding your customers better is the key to boosting profits.

Make life much simpler for your colleagues on the check-out: It takes just 2.5 seconds to collect complete and reliable customer data!


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Discover our CustoQuestions (FR)

#1 What is the RFM?

#2 When the crisis came...

#3 5 good reasons to collect and maintain home addresses

#4 Mutualisation of personal data management

#5 Geomarketing and territorial breakdown in Belgium

#6 Why is it important to support and monitor the \

#7a The catchment areas - The theory

#7b The catchment areas - Case study

#8 What is Life Time Value?

#9 On the use of eID for data collection at the point of sale

#10 Customer journey and relationship marketing

#11 Optimization of postal communication budgets

#12 7 uses of catchment areas

#13 Loyalty or loyalty program?

#14 Collecting email opt-ins

#15 How to improve the conversion rate of my direct mailing actions

#16 Guided tour of MyFreedelity

#17 What is the NPS - Net Promoter Score

#18 Analysis of the performance of a retail network

#19 The DataLake

#20 Sponsorship and commitment

#21 CDP - Customer Data Platform

#22 GDPR in the retail environment

#23 Algorithms and Marketing - AI and Machine Learning with Albert Derasse

#24 UI on Consumer Kiosks

#25 The dematerialized ticket

#26 DataQuality for CRM

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