Data Source

"Data is the new oil". CustoCentrix enables you to collect, connect, accumulate, transform and update very large volumes of data. These data refer to profiles, transactions, interactions, survey results and expressions of preference. In short, this represents a large proportion of the data needed by teams of statisticians and data scientists responsible for bringing the data to life and drilling down into them to understand them fully.

Data Source

Data source backs up all data relating to your company on a daily basis in a documented format to make them directly accessible for the analysis, design, estimation and standardisation of statistical models, the results of which could be used within CustoCentrix.

The most advanced companies in this domain use data source for various purposes, including:

  • Purchase types;
  • Behavioural segmentation;
  • Estimating appeal scores between customers and categories of products or brands and prioritising promotions for different customers;
  • Look-alikes;
  • Churn prevention;
  • Estimated lifetime value of each customer;
  • Estimated brand loyalty indicator by category;
  • Managing marketing pressure;
  • Estimating the effect of promotions and new products and services;
  • ...

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