CustoCentrix modules

CustoCentrix is the Consumer Data Platform which is entirely dedicated to retailers.

Accessible in 'Software As A Service' mode, it offers various optional features to meet the main data processing needs in marketing and sales.

CustoCentrix modules

Consumer Data Hub

Provides a unique identification for each customer in an omnichannel approach. This feature allows you to benefit from the shared updating of your customers' identification and contact data.

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Consent Management Platform

Supports the detailed management of consumer consents and preferences. Specific consents relating to the processing of personal data, consents relating to the use of digital channels, communication preferences.

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Consumer Data Platform

Collects transactional data from check-out systems, e-commerce and CRM so that they can be matched up with identification data for each customer and fed into database marketing practices.

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Managing loyalty programmes and dealing with the mechanics of loyalty and activation using coupons, gift vouchers, free samples and competitions.

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Is a control panel which helps you manage your marketing programmes and actions as well as monitoring the main KPIs for marketing tools and observing, analysing and profiling customer segments.

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Marketing Automation

Helps companies looking for an integrated platform carry out communication and relationship marketing tasks. This feature manages the email, text message and digital printing channels commonly used for direct and trigger marketing. It also manages surveys and provides methods for effectively measuring sales influenced by the marketing approach implemented.

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Consumer portal

Gives any consumer who so wishes access to all their personal data via secure access, in a web environment that is 100% in line with your brand's identity.

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Enriches postal address data with accurate geographic information so that they can be analysed using mapping interfaces. It also calculates and segments customers depending on their journeys from home to the point of sale (drive time and isochrones).

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Meets the need to be able to draw up the socio-economic and socio-demographic profile of your customer base. With Dividuals®, add a complementary dimension to your marketing analyses and segmentation methods.

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Trading area

Helps to define trading areas, segment them into primary, secondary and tertiary zones, and calculate local performance indicators for each business in the area.

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Data Source

Is a feature especially for data analysts and BI (Business Intelligence) specialists who want to harness all the data processed by CustoCentrix using statistical tools or artificial intelligence.

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Is the portal designed for companies actively engaged in trade marketing and joint financing of initiatives in collaboration with their suppliers. The Brands portal allows them to access strategic, anonymous and aggregated data about their brands and the corresponding categories.

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CustoCentrix pricing models take account of:

The number of customer profiles managed in the database

And the optional features used.

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The most frequently chosen configurations:

CD HubCD PlatformLoyaltyCockpitMarkAutoGeoMCatchAreaData sourceBrandsAPI






CD Hub
CD Platform-
Data source---

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