Measuring ROI

What makes CustoCentrix stand out from the other automation marketing solutions on the market is its ability to measure the returns on investment of different marketing approaches.

Measuring ROI


CustoCentrix logs who you send messages to and enables you to set detailed rules for the categorisation of feedback and sales.
Action by action.

Do you like accuracy?

With CustoCentrix, you will be able to:

  • Define control groups to measure the specific effects of your actions in addition to the habitual behaviour of customers;
  • Measure opening rates, click rates and resulting sales;
  • Calculate a conversion rate and a redemption rate;
  • Measure the effectiveness of your approach in triggering second and third sales, customer by customer.

Key points to remember:


CustoCentrix makes it easier to measure the redemption and effectiveness of marketing approaches implemented because it tracks what your customers receive (communications), use (coupons, emails opened, emails clicked, participation) and buy (transactions).

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