Loyalty and incentive management

Haven't set up a loyalty programme yet?
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CustoCentrix offers a comprehensive loyalty programme management feature.

Loyalty and incentive management

How it works:

You can benefit from interfaces and support to help you create the most suitable loyalty programme for your business:

  • Various management models for loyalty benefits;
  • Management of gift vouchers and benefits;
  • Management of sums outstanding and their exchange value;
  • Clearing between different points of sale of the same company;
  • Management of the redemption of vouchers and coupons;
  • Interfaces for the digital clearing of coupons.

In this way, you get peace of mind thanks to a reliable loyalty system and you can let your marketing creativity run wild to reward your loyal customers, serve them better and launch promotions!

Key points to remember


Loyalty programmes designed to meet your goals.


New customer benefits with the digitisation of sales receipts (e.g. proof of purchase, after-sales service, etc.).

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