Keep your customer details up to date

Reliable identification details, easily kept up to date.

The Achilles heel of CRM projects is the collection of customer data that is comprehensive, reliable and regularly updated.
It's no longer just something to set you apart from your competitors. It's a must! Even more so because now it's regulated by law.

The key to success is to get consumers to jump on board by respecting their rights and wishes to keep control of their personal details and the consent they give your brand to use those details.

Freedelity was developed on this premise as a community of members who agree to share their personal details.

As part of this concept, different brands jointly manage identification data.
The result? Efficient operations and cost management.

The Freedelity community consists of:

5,800,000 members (i.e. 63.5% of the adult population in Belgium or 84.7% of the active population). Continuous progress, week after week. Tens of thousands of updates registered every year:

  • Moves
  • Changes of address
  • Email
  • Mobile numbers
  • Deaths
  • Withdrawals of consent and so on.

CustoCentrix gives you access to:

the community of brands that jointly manage identification and contact details.

Only these details are shared!
All other details remain the exclusive property of your brand and are managed in a secure environment accessible to your brand or chain only.

Your clients who have become Freedelity members can access the secured 'My Freedelity' portal, which allows them to control their personal details and consent to the use of those details for marketing purposes.

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