Uploading Validation Transformation

CustoCentrix automates the collection, validation and transformation of data
so as to make it usable to populate your analysis and management tools

Collection and uploading of your data

CustoCentrix joins and connects all your data sources so as to make them usable.

  • Integration with your check-out system.
  • Use of APIs and connectors
  • Provision of interactive terminals connected to the internet

Data validation and enrichment

CustoCentrix guarantees that your data is correct and reliable. Ready to be used for relationship marketing and geomarketing.

All the details collected are processed one by one, validated or completed with additional information.
A few examples:

  • Address details are brought in line with postal standards
  • The addresses are geocoded, i.e. precisely positioned on a map
  • The addresses are then enriched for geomarketing purposes
  • The structure of mobile numbers and email addresses is validated
  • The email addresses are validated by sending an opt-in acknowledgement email

Data gathering and transformation

Once the details on purchasing behaviour have been correctly linked to the identification details of each consumer, the powerful CustoCentrix algorithms come into play.

  • Calculation of the recency, frequency and monetary value indicators linked to their purchases.
  • Transformation of these indicators in classes (quintiles) so as to allow for RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) segmentation
  • Calculation of the distances and travel times between each consumer's home address and all the points of sale visited
  • Calculation and management of loyalty programmes and points
  • Estimation of the lifetime value of each consumer
  • Identification of key life events and stages in the customer journey, as well as multiple triggers

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