Activation Management

Activate the main tools to give your relationship marketing and sales a good boost.
Smoothly and efficiently go from analysis to marketing actions and data management.


You have access to all the tools you need to develop clearly segmented actions and one-to-one marketing.

  • Management of lists and segments
  • Identify key stages for the launch of customised communication (trigger marketing).


CustoCentrix includes a comprehensive module for the management of loyalty programmes.

  • Multiple models for the management of loyalty benefits
  • Management of vouchers and other benefits
  • Management of debits, credits and outstanding amounts, as well as their countervalue
  • Clearing between different points of sale of the same brand...


Get an insight into the catchment area of each one of your points of sale

  • Optimise your budgets for folder distribution by post
  • Set up a cascade of communication methods allowing you to optimise your communication expenses by creating an affordability ranking of costs per contact.
  • Segment your actions by taking account of the time each consumer needs to travel to your points of sale

Organisation of your relationship marketing

The choice is yours!

  • Use the communication models integrated into the CustoCentrix platform (email, text message, digital printing, etc.)
  • Forward the information to your preferred marketing automation solution

CustoCentrix is the perfect tool to manage

  • your trigger marketing
  • the opt-in confirmation procedure
  • the welcoming and activation of new members
  • your customers' discovery of the advantages of your loyalty club or programme, as well your brand's range

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